Category: Miscellaneous

Scattered pain

Whoever intends to scatter pain will inevitably suffer.

It’s like a law of nature.

Nature should always be respected.

Life is Nature.

Sea of life

Sometimes the sea gives me the impression that it looks deeper into me,
than we can into it.

Does this mean, that reality, not only nature itself, knows to understand something like “Emotions”? How else can “life” cause such “interactions”?

Self doubt is self injury

If you doubt yourself too much, you will put yourself rocks in the path.

Often one needs a lot of time to get rid of them,

and it takes more time until the traces disappear.

Goal’s limit

Mountains become more difficult to climb with increasing height,

this should also be considered in life.

You can’t climb over the mountain.


“Love” itself doesn’t hurt, but it can be missing all of a sudden.

“The nothing” will hurt you afterwards.