When you buy a motorcycle, what do you get?

MOTO NEWS: The world’s first motorcycle fairing article Motorcycle fairings can add a touch of luxury to the ride and they have been a hot seller since the 1970s.

In 2018, the motorcycle helmet industry lost its most lucrative segment, the helmet market, to the high-end helmet industry.

It’s a big loss for everyone, but particularly for motorcycle manufacturers and those who sell them.

Fairing manufacturers and helmet makers are also seeing the impact of a growing popularity of the sport on their sales.

But it’s not just the helmet industry that’s struggling to keep up.

A new report from market research firm Euromonitor International says that the motorcycle industry has seen a “significant decline” in motorcycle helmet sales over the past five years, with a drop of 14.9 per cent over the same period.

The decline is partly due to a combination of factors, including a declining popularity of motorcycle helmet helmets, and the increasing use of electric motorcycles in the market.

According to Euromonitors research, in 2019, electric motorcycles accounted for about 5 per cent of motorcycle sales, while hybrid and fuel-cell vehicles accounted for more than 15 per cent.

The trend is expected to continue, with electric motorcycles accounting for around 6 per cent in 2021 and 6 per% in 2021, respectively.

And electric motorcycles have become increasingly popular, with the popularity of their fuel-cells increasing to nearly 20 per cent, with sales of those fuel-guzzlers increasing from just over 1 per cent to around 4 per cent last year.

A further reduction in the uptake of helmets is expected in 2021 due to the increasing popularity of electric vehicles and the development of helmets that can be recharged via electricity.

This is due to increasing costs of helmets, which have also been rising.

The Euromoncer International report said the drop in motorcycle helmets sales has also been driven by the increasing number of helmet manufacturers.

“There is a significant change in the supply chain, as helmet manufacturers increasingly look to sell their helmets at the low end of the market,” said Peter Molloy, Euromonter’s global head of market research.

“The market for helmets has become fragmented as helmet manufactures look for cheaper, more niche markets.”

This is because manufacturers are increasingly looking for buyers for their helmet range, and in doing so, are now looking to sell to motorcycle retailers, and to retailers who have higher margins.

“This is a trend that is expected continue over the next few years, but with a number of manufacturers struggling to increase their margins,” said Molloya.

“Some of these manufacturers may look to lower margins by selling to retailers, but others may simply look to expand their range and focus on other markets such as motorcycle clubs, motocross racing and motorcycle festivals.”

The market for motorcycle helmets has been fragmented over the years, which has left a gap in the industry.

Molloys report also noted that motorcycle clubs were struggling to maintain their sales, with some clubs having reduced membership by 20 per one per cent and other clubs experiencing a sharp drop in membership by over 50 per cent during the same time.

But the market for motorcycles, as a whole, is still very strong, with about 2.8 million people riding a motorcycle in 2020, according to the Bureau of Statistics.

The market share for motorcycles has been increasing steadily over the last five years.

The number of motorcycle helmets sold increased by 15 per per cent between 2016 and 2018.

But, the overall market share of motorcycles, or motorcycle helmets, has not increased significantly over the five years since the last market survey.

The most recent market survey for 2020, conducted in October, showed that the market share had fallen to 9.6 per cent from 11.2 per cent for the previous year.

In 2019, the industry had the biggest fall in sales.

In 2021, the market was expected to fall to just under 3 per cent compared to 4.6 percent in 2020.

However, this number is likely to increase over the coming years.

For example, the 2020 survey showed that motorcycle helmet demand was growing by 11 per cent since 2019, with demand increasing by about 1 per and 2 per cent respectively.

It is also expected that the industry will continue to increase in popularity.

The latest Euromonporus data also shows that motorcycle helmets are on a trajectory to increase demand, which will drive overall sales and profitability.

“Motorcycle helmet demand is expected and growing in 2021 with a peak in 2021 of around 5 per and a further increase in 2021 as motorcycle helmet prices continue to fall,” said the Euromoniters report.

“As demand continues to increase and the market continues to recover from the impact from the motorcycle helmets crash, the cycle may continue to be a good business model for motorcycle helmet manufacturers and the overall motorcycle helmet market.”

This story originally appeared on Motorcycle News.

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