How to ride a motorcycle on a street

In this week’s edition of Bike Week, we’ve been busy with some of our favorite street-legal motorcycles.

We’ve covered all kinds of bikes, from the supercars of the past, to the street bikes of the future.

Today we’re looking at a motorcycle that has been around for quite some time: the Cafe Racer.

For those of you who don’t know, Cafe Racer is a motorcycle developed by Yamaha, based on the classic Streetfighter concept.

It’s a very, very old-school motorcycle, one that’s been around since the 1960s.

In fact, it was designed by Yamaha engineer Yoshinori Sato, and he was the designer of the Streetfighter.

The concept was popular during the late 1960s and early 1970s, when it was a very hot motorcycle.

The idea was to have a bike that was fast, reliable, and would not crash.

It was a motorcycle designed to be a go-anywhere motorcycle, to be the ultimate motorcycle for any type of rider, and that was the idea of the Café Racer.

The design of the bike was inspired by the original Streetfighter, but with some changes.

The front end was much taller and wider than the Street Fighter.

The rear end was a bit wider, and the front forks were longer and slimmer.

The seat was much wider than on the Streetfighters.

The seats were more comfortable, with the addition of a cushioned seat that’s much easier to sit in than on Streetfighters, and a more comfortable rear seat.

The Cafe Racer had a larger, more stable front end, and its suspension was designed to provide more travel, and it had a wider, steeper seat.

That said, the Cafe Racers suspension was also lighter than Streetfighters suspension.

It weighed about 1,800 pounds, and measured 1.75 inches in length and 1.78 inches in width.

The bike also had a much longer, wider, straighter seat, which meant the bike could be more stable, which would make it much easier for riders to ride in traffic, especially on a sunny day.

The Cafe Racer was designed as a street-ready motorcycle, so it’s not a motorcycle for commuting, or even to commute to work.

In that sense, it’s a motorcycle with a lot of history.

For example, the café racer was also the first motorcycle to be produced in Japan, and there’s a café racer cafe racer replica now, in a shop in Tokyo.

It has a cafe racer seat, and Yamaha made the cafe racer handlebars for it, and they also made the seat the same width as the Cafe racer’s.

The motorcycle was designed specifically for riding, and riding in traffic.

It had a lot more technology than the bike of the moment, and also had more suspension, which was important in the early 1970, when Honda introduced its first street bike, the Honda ST350, with a stiffer, slimmer seat.

The motorcycle was also built by Yamaha as a test bed for its new-generation street bike.

It started out as a cafe racer, but was later given a street bike chassis.

The cafe racer chassis had wider tires, so the Cafe racers suspension and frame were much stiffer.

They also had new-fangled electronic systems that were designed to improve the Cafe’s handling.

The new bike was designed so it could handle a lot less travel than the street bike before it.

It also had the best ride height of any cafe racer, and Honda says that it was one of the fastest motorcycles ever built.

The only downside to the cafe racers design was that it had to be so wide that it could not be used for everyday riding.

The rest of the Cafe was the same as the Streetracers, but it was smaller and heavier.

This made it more difficult for riders in the street to find room to ride on the bike, because they could not easily adjust the seat height.

The bike’s styling is quite different from its street counterparts.

The Café Racer is made from aluminum, with black painted on the front and side panels.

It features a single-piston front fork, a single front brake, and one rear brake.

There are also dual exhausts that look similar to the ones on the Kawasaki Ninja 300.

The frame is made of steel, with chrome painted on it.

The Café Racer also has a more aggressive stance, which is a combination of styling cues from the original Café racer.

It is also slightly wider than Streetracer.

The brakes are wider, with aluminum calipers on the rear, and aluminum caliper brake calipers that look much like those on the Honda street bikes.

The bikes suspension is designed to handle the extra weight better than Street Racers.

The brakes are also wider than those of Streetracert, which means that the brakes are more precise and more responsive than the rest of their class.

The suspension is also wider, because the brakes use the same type of shock absorbers that were used on the Café

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