How to get your motorcycle helmet back

The Irish motorcycle industry has been rocked by the death of a rider and the wounding of another, leaving thousands of members without their helmets in a bid to save their lives.

The deaths of Liam and his fellow rider in March this year have left the industry reeling.

The accident, which left Liam and fellow rider Paul Willsley with severe head injuries, was reported to police by a member of the public in early March.

It was believed the accident happened in rural County Mayo, where Liam lived with his family.

However, it was later revealed Liam was a motorcycle enthusiast who had been using the group’s motorcycle shop in County Mayo to make parts for his bikes.

The motorcycle shop, the Bandidos, has been operating at its home since 2007, and Liam’s mother, Sue Willsly, said it was not her son’s intention to harm anyone.

She said her son was an avid rider and that he had a history of serious accidents.

“The first time he was hit he was riding with a mate and he was in a ditch, and he hit the bike and he went straight off the bike,” she said.

“He had no idea he had hit a motorcycle and he just got out and walked around for a while, and then he got back on the bike, and it was fine.”

She said Liam had ridden with the Bandids for five years and was very experienced.

“You would be very lucky if Liam was wearing a helmet at all, and the helmets are not designed for that, but he’s very experienced, and his training is good,” she added.

The incident prompted the bandidos to launch a Facebook page to gather information on how to return a helmet, which it said it had collected from people in the area.

The Irish Motorcycle Association said the group had collected the information from more than 5,000 people and the organisation is hoping to gather additional information from people who had already contacted it.

“They were very concerned that Liam was not wearing a protective helmet, and that this was going to be a significant risk to others in the community,” a spokesperson for the Irish Motorcyclists Association said.

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