How to get the perfect Triumph R4 for your riding dreams

A Triumph R-4, or “R4”, has a few key differences from its fellow classic bikes, but one thing’s for sure: The R-series motorcycle is a superbly well-equipped motorcycle that has a well-rounded range of options for both novice and advanced riders.

In terms of performance, the R-Series R4 boasts more than twice the horsepower of the standard R4.

That power comes from a 1.8-liter inline four-cylinder engine that produces a maximum output of 296 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque.

The R4 has a seven-speed gearbox, a manual transmission, and a standard ABS and electronic stability control.

A Triumph R5, or the “R5”, is another example of the R4’s power and versatility.

Like the R3, the “5” also comes with a 1-liter engine with a power output of 297 hp and 378 lb-foot of torque, but the R5 has a different transmission, a 6-speed manual, and an electronic stability system.

For a full rundown of what’s included in the R series, check out our comprehensive list of the best bikes to ride.

But what if you’re just looking to make the most of your new R4?

Check out this list of everything you’ll need to know to get you started.

Triumph’s R-R series has plenty of options and models to suit every budget and budget level.

From the R1 to the R2, there are options for all budgets and budgets, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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