The motorcycle permit testing that’s about to get a lot more dangerous

A new law aimed at testing motorcycle permits in Michigan could have far-reaching consequences for the way that motorists operate their vehicles in the state.

The new law, sponsored by Gov.

Rick Snyder, was signed into law on March 11 and is expected to go into effect on April 1.

Under the new law that will go into force on April 21, drivers will have to undergo a motorcycle permit checkup once every three months.

The motorcycle license checkup is the second most-common type of test in the United States, with over 3 million motorcycle permit applications processed annually, according to a 2011 report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Under Michigan’s new law the motorcycle permit checks will only take place once every two years.

The Department of Transportation is currently working on a plan to extend the testing to four years.

But even if the state can’t find an additional way to extend testing beyond its current three-month timeframe, the new rule will undoubtedly be a significant burden on the state’s already strapped public transportation system.

The law was signed on the heels of a rash of motorcycle crashes in the city of Grand Rapids.

The crash that killed two people in April was caused by a motorcycle rider riding a motorcycle without a helmet, with the driver of the vehicle being ticketed for careless driving and reckless endangerment.

The state’s motorcycle permits, as of June 30, are currently available to drivers of all ages, and the number of motorcycle permits issued in the last year is currently more than 11 million.

The Michigan State Police estimate that there are nearly 4,500 motorcycle permits across the state, and in June the department reported that there were 2,079 motorcycle-related fatalities in the entire state.

There are currently more licenses than licenses in Michigan, which is why some people who apply for a motorcycle license in Michigan may have to wait more than three months for their motorcycle permit to be processed.

Motorcycle safety advocates say the law will be detrimental to the state because it will make it harder for drivers to get around.

“There is no way to predict how long it will take to get an actual license, so people who are applying for licenses in the first place, who are currently driving in the middle of the night, will have a longer wait to get their licenses,” said Matthew Miller, a motorcycle safety advocate at the Michigan chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

“They may not get a license for at least a year, maybe longer, but they will be out of a job, out of their home and not able to work.

It is a very, very big deal.

This is a really bad idea.

This law is going to make it very, really, really difficult for people to get on a motorcycle.”

Miller says the law also could cause drivers to have to pay higher fines for reckless driving and other infractions, which could lead to a spike in accidents.

The DMV already has a rule in place for motorcycle licenses that stipulates that drivers must wear a helmet when riding, but the new regulation will make that rule more difficult for drivers.

The Motorcycle Safety Act passed the state legislature in April, but it’s unclear whether it will be enforced.

According to the Michigan State Patrol, the department has received no reports of motorcyclists causing serious injury or death on the road.

A spokesperson for the department said the department does not comment on pending legislation, but did confirm that the law was passed “in a timely fashion.”

The law is also the latest in a long line of measures to protect motorists from potentially dangerous situations.

Earlier this year, Michigan lawmakers passed a bill that requires motorcyclist helmets and other protective gear on all motorcyclers, but opponents of the law say that is too strict.

In 2013, Gov.

Jennifer Granholm signed a law requiring a minimum of five years of motorcycle training before a person could legally operate a motorcycle.

That law also makes it illegal to operate a motorcyclism on public roads without a motorcycle and prohibits motorcycles from being driven on highways.

The National Motorists Association also filed a lawsuit in federal court to challenge the new motorcycle law.

In February, a federal judge ordered the state to enforce the motorcycle license checks in Michigan for a period of one year.

If that ruling stands, drivers in the Golden State will have until April 21 to comply with the new rules.

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