The Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America: A Report From the National Shooting Sports Foundation

“In a nation that still has the highest rates of gun violence in the world, it’s important that our politicians understand that the American people want to see guns in the hands of responsible people.

They want to know if their gun owners will be the next shooters.

So I think it’s crucial for politicians to understand what is really at stake and to listen to the American public.”

The report,, says that while gun sales are on the rise in America, a disproportionate number of gun sales go to the top. 

“There are roughly 2.5 million firearms in the U.S., which means that one in three households own a firearm,” the report says. 

While the report does not say exactly how many gun owners in the country have guns, it notes that, at the federal level, there are more than 6 million licensed firearms dealers in the United States.

“According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, there were about 1.5 billion firearms in circulation in 2012,” the MomsAction report states. 

The report also notes that in a 2013 study, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence found that more than one-third of Americans who own guns said they are concerned about being able to protect themselves against domestic abuse. 

But while the report is critical of gun ownership in America today, it is critical that lawmakers listen to and understand the concerns of the American families who are affected by the current gun control policies in place. 

There are three ways to help those families in America that are suffering the most:The Brady Campaign also has a list of tools to help parents who are concerned that their children might be victims of domestic violence. 

According to a statement by the Brady Center to Prevent Violence, the list includes: A list of hotlines, email listservs, and tweets that can be used to support those in need of information and support. 

This information can be delivered directly to the parents, including through email or social media. 

A  virtual phone hotline to call in to in multiple countries, and a listing of emergency phone numbers that can be reached via tweeting them. 

Support groups, including a National Domestic Violence Hotline that will provide information and resources for victims of domestic violence. 

 A virtual virtual hotline that can connect parents with trained counselors. 

And a list of local domestic violence shelters that are in the United States, which can be accessed by parents through tickets. 

All of these are just a few of the ways that the Brady center is working to help families who suffer from domestic violence and sexual assault.

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