How modular helmets could help reduce COVID-19 fatalities

I’ve been wearing a helmet for about two years now, and the new helmets I’ve gotten have been great.

I have a hard time wearing a full-face mask on the job, but if I’m going to go to work in a certain part of the country, I really need to keep my head covered.

I was wondering how the technology might improve the helmets I’m wearing, and if there’s a way to make them modular, so that they can be easily swapped out for different types of helmets.

In this post, I’ll be talking about the modular helmet that I recently received from a company called Modular Helmets, which is based out of Germany.

I don’t have the full details on the modular helmets, but it’s clear that they have modular designs to them, and that they’ve designed the modular components to be easily replaceable, as long as you know what you’re doing.

Modular helmets aren’t just helmets, they’re also body suits, which are similar to full-body suits in that they offer a way for you to customize the way you look, but the modular design also means that they don’t rely on the traditional helmets as much as full-head models.

So, for example, a modular helmet might be made of a material called polypropylene, which can be used to make foam, and can be dyed for other purposes.

There are other uses for polypropylenes, too.

The modular helmet I received from Modular, which comes with an optional mask, is a hybrid of a full face mask and a body suit.

The mask can be replaced with a full mask, and it can also be replaced by an open-face helmet, but both masks can be swapped out.

The helmet also has an open mouthpiece, and there are two small plastic clips that attach to the mask, so you can use it to replace the mask when you don’t need it.

There’s also a flap that covers the top of the mask.

There isn’t much else to it, but there are plenty of things you can put on it to make it look a little more like a full body suit and to make your life easier.

Modularity is the next big thing in helmet design.

In a lot of ways, modular helmets are more efficient than full-heads.

They use less material, they use less metal, and they use a lot less material to make the helmets themselves.

In the case of modular helmets though, there’s also the advantage of modularity that extends beyond the helmet itself.

In addition to the open-mouth design, there are many different kinds of modular components that you can attach to a helmet, from a foam helmet to a mesh helmet to polypropene helmets to foam face covers, which use polypropelene as a coating.

Modules are all designed to be interchangeable, so they can easily be swapped between the different kinds.

The open-mouthed modular helmet from Modules comes with two different masks, but each mask has a separate flap to keep it in place.

The helmets are compatible with different types and sizes of foam, so it’s easy to switch out the mask for a different type of helmet, and to swap out a different kind of mesh helmet with the same mesh mask, or even to replace a different mesh mask with a different one.

Models have also been made for various body suits like a sports suit, a military suit, and even a military headgear.

In some cases, modular helmet designs are also made for the purpose of changing the way a helmet looks.

In these cases, the modular system can also make the helmet look different from a full or full-faced helmet, so the wearer can look more like their own body.

Modifications of modulars that are made for use with different kinds Of course, if modular helmets can be modified, the same can’t be said for full-sizes.

Modification of modular models of full-size helmets is also quite possible, but modular helmets have been designed for use in a very specific environment.

The problem with full-sized modular helmets is that the headrests aren’t completely adjustable.

There is an adjustable headrest, but I can’t get it to fit perfectly, and my head tends to tilt down a bit, and I’ve had to adjust the straps on my helmet.

That can be quite uncomfortable.

Modifiers can also offer modulars for people who prefer different types or sizes of helmets, and for those who need to wear a helmet with a specific fit.

Modulos can also help reduce the number of people who are killed in the U.S. by wearing helmets that don’t work properly, because they can help reduce injury in certain areas of the body.

These kinds of modifications can help prevent the spread of COVID in a way that makes it harder for the virus to spread.

The future is modular, modular, and modular.

It seems that Modular

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