A woman in Queensland is fighting to have her motorcycle license removed after a judge ruled she was not qualified to drive a motorcycle

A woman has been charged with driving while disqualified after being stopped by police while riding a motorcycle.

Key points:The woman has pleaded not guilty to the chargeThe woman was riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle in a Brisbane suburb on WednesdayWhen police pulled over the woman’s car, they discovered she was riding an ATV, which is a motorcycle which does not require a licence to driveThe driver was charged with careless driving and driving while impairedPolice said the woman was travelling on the south-west Queensland coast at the timeThe court heard the woman had her motorcycle licence removed by the police officer and the driver of the motorcycle was cited.

“The police officer was satisfied that she was in a motorised vehicle, that she had a licence, that the person was licensed to drive the motorised device,” Queensland police said in a statement.

“He advised the driver to stop and that they could proceed to the Royal Brisbane Hospital where they would have a test and determine if she was fit to drive.”

Police said they stopped the woman because she was wearing a helmet, but that did not stop the charges against her.

“At the time the officer had the motorist in a vehicle and they could not determine whether she was a registered driver,” police said.

“She was given the opportunity to provide evidence, provided by the motorcyclist and provided a vehicle number, and she provided that information.”

The driver of Harley Davidson was also cited.

She has not been arrested and will appear in court again on July 19.

“This was a reckless driving incident, which has resulted in the loss of her motorised motor vehicle, her licence and her vehicle registration,” Queensland Police Minister Stephen Mullighan said.

He said the charge against the woman would not be reduced, but the police force would not “lose” any officers.

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