Why I don’t like the ‘V’ on my motorcycle mirrors

A motorcycle mirror’s V may sound funny, but it’s a real-life reminder to never be the first to get in trouble.

A new report shows a major U.S. manufacturer of motorcycle mirrors has been using them in a dangerous way for decades.

The new report, by the U.K.-based Institute of Motor Manufacturers, found more than 2,500 motorcycles and motorcycles-as-motorcycle-mounted vehicles, or MOTVs, have been involved in fatal accidents in the United States since 2007.

It’s one of several recent studies showing that mirrors are a major safety hazard.

The report, written by the Institute of Automotive Research, said the most common cause of death associated with motorcycle mirrors was a rear-end crash.

Motorcyclists are also more likely to hit and injure themselves or others in crashes.

The study found that more than two dozen states and the District of Columbia had laws or regulations that require motorcycle mirrors to have a V or two on the front or side of the vehicle, or be equipped with an automatic brake.

The institute also found that about two-thirds of motorcyclists who died in crashes with a motorcycle mirror were killed by other riders.

The number of crashes involving a motorcycle mirrors and other crash-prone features has risen since 2007, with more than 400 fatalities reported in 2015, according to the institute’s most recent report.

The institute said the average cost of repairs on motorcycles is about $400.

“These costs are not shared equally, nor are they shared equally among the parties involved,” the institute wrote.

“As a result, a substantial proportion of the costs associated with these crashes are passed on to the motorcyclist and their families.”

It’s not just motorcycle mirrors, either.

An estimated 10,000 motorcycle helmets were recalled by manufacturers and retailers due to a recall of the mirrors in 2015.

More than a third of crashes involved a motorcycle or motorcycle-mounted vehicle that was not equipped with a rear seat belt.

There are no data on how many motorcycles are affected by motorcycle mirrors.

Manufacturers said they do not expect the number of motorcycle fatalities to go down.

According to the motorcycle safety association, motorcycle riders make up about 3 percent of the nation’s population.

In an email, Mark Boulton, a spokesman for American Honda Motor Co., said, “While we continue to make progress, the recent reports are troubling and cause us to take action.

We will continue to be proactive in educating our customers, regulators, and the public about the risks posed by motorcycle helmets.”

The institute recommends the use of an automatic braking system when riding on motorcycle trails.

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