What it takes to get to work with a motorcycle?

Motorcycles are not only a great way to get around, but they can also be a lifesaver.

And they are more than just a fun way to commute.

They’re also a valuable asset that can help your company and your employees get to and from work, according to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

If you’re looking for the best ways to get your employees to and fro on a motorcycle, we’ve got you covered.


Make sure you’re in the right place to ride The right place for your business can mean the difference between success and failure.

Find out how to plan for success by taking the quiz below and answering the questions to find out where you stand in your business’s transportation needs.


Take a look at your current transportation infrastructure and consider what options you may have 3.

Understand how the transportation system works and the costs involved in transporting employees and goods between locations In some cases, the only way to ensure that employees and businesses can move safely is to make sure that their vehicles are properly maintained.

We’ve got a few tips for keeping your vehicle up to date with the latest standards and regulations.


Identify transportation options that work for you and your business, but don’t cost more than what you spend to hire an employee or provide transportation to a business 5.

Understand the best routes to get employees to work and how to reduce their risk while they’re there 6.

Keep in mind that the best transportation option for a motorcycle company is to hire a rider to provide the service while the company is at its busiest, says Dan Zander, a business development consultant and member of the International Teamsters Local 1383.

If your employees are on their own or in a team, you can use an autonomous vehicle to help them move safely, Zander says.


Find a vehicle that can accommodate a bike or motorcycle, and don’t be afraid to ask for an extra one 8.

Check to see if your company is able to provide you with adequate parking space or a dedicated bike rack 9.

Check your employee’s insurance to make certain you’re covered if the rider is injured 10.

Check the insurance coverage for the vehicle that is used to transport your employees and your goods to and by your business 11.

Learn more about how to pay for an employee’s motorcycle trip and how it differs from a vehicle purchase

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