How to make the perfect motorcycle helmet for your next adventure

A new helmet can save your life.

The new helmet, the HJC, was inspired by a study by the US Department of Defense (DoD) which found that helmets can reduce injury risk by up to 40 percent.

It’s a trend that has been gaining momentum in the bike industry over the past few years, with the new helmet industry’s first big-name brand, HJC motorcycle helmets, recently introducing the HJCP and HJCX.

It’s also been a big hit at bike festivals like Black Rock, where HJC riders have been seen on stage with the latest bike tech and have been given a unique spotlight.

Here are some of the best motorcycle helmets for 2018, along with some of our favourite highlights.

The HJC The HJC is the brand’s latest offering, and the latest in the HJA series of motorcycle helmets.

It comes in two versions, the HDH and HDI.

The HDH comes in black and blue and is slightly larger, measuring 28mm in diameter, while the HDI is more of a dark blue.

You can find a great selection of the HJR at the Hjc store, which is now open at select bike shops, bike shops and bike shops near you.

If you’ve already got your HJC helmet, you’ll need to make sure it has the right material for the ride.

HJC helmet material: HJC HDH, black/blue/blue, 28mmIn general, you won’t need to worry about getting the correct helmet material on a bike ride.

We’ve put together a list of helmet brands that have tested helmets and have made their own inks, but the HJS will work just fine with just about any bike helmet, whether it’s a cheapo or a quality helmet.

Bike helmet manufacturers often use a combination of three different materials to make helmets: foam, polyurethane and a rubber compound.

The foam is usually made from a material called ‘microfibre’ and is usually the most common material used in helmets.

If you’ve ever seen a bike helmet made from microfibres, it’s very likely you know what that means.

When you buy a new bike helmet from a shop, they’ll ask you for the type of foam you want, the number of layers it uses and how it fits.

You can then either pay the full price or you can pay a percentage of the total cost of the helmet.

In the case of the HDJ helmet, that percentage is around 30 percent.

If your helmet is an HDJ, you might be asked for a more expensive, but slightly less effective, helmet material, as it will need a special coating.

For example, the colour scheme of the Honda HR-R1000 is based on a white foam, so the HDF, which can be either black or blue, will need to be applied to the helmet for that colour.

Depending on the material you’re using, you can either choose a special colour for the head cover, or you might get a more affordable helmet that’s the same colour as the helmet itself, but which has a different design on the outside.

HJC uses the most popular colour scheme, but you can also find a helmet that uses different colour on the inside.

How to get your HJS helmet: Shop HJC at the Honda shop, bike shop, shop or bike shop near you, or visit a bike shop and try it out.

HDH Helmet material: HDH-B, black, blue, blue/black, 29mmHDH helmet material can vary depending on the colour of your HJA helmet.

We recommend going with the black colour, which will look nicer and look better with the helmet on.

HDH helmet colour: HDHP, black (brown), blue (brown) and red (orange)HJC Helmet material (with the HGP logo)HJCP Helmet material(with the HR logo)HDI Helmet materialThe HDI helmet comes in a range of colours and the HDM, HDMX, HDIX, HJMP and HJMX are all made of the same material.

If the helmet is a regular HDH or HDI, you should use it as the headcover and helmet cover.

The same goes for the HDX helmet, which you can get as a plain helmet cover, head cover or headband.HJC’s HDH helmets come in different designs, so it’s important that you pick the helmet you like best.

The HJHP, HJPX and HJPMP are all white and the HJV and HJVX are grey.

If it’s grey, you will need the HJJ logo or a blue sticker to attach to the headband or helmet cover to ensure that it looks the part.

HJIP helmets come with a small, rectangular hole at the top of the head, which looks very

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