How to get out of your own way

More than two years after police shut down motorcycle gangs in the city, more are coming out of their shell.

But with more than 60,000 gang members arrested, many of them from the same city as the gangs, the gangs are no longer the threat they once were.

It was a dramatic shift in the past year, as the city’s gangs have been under pressure from new law enforcement officials.

As the city became more policed, gang members moved out of the streets to work as law enforcement officers.

And it is a shift that’s coming to an end, according to the city council’s public safety committee.

They are working on a plan to make the city safer, with the goal of reducing gang violence by 50 percent by 2024, according a report from the committee.

The city has a new public safety coordinator, but there’s been little progress in helping the gangs end their dominance.

The new coordinator, who was hired in December, has taken a tougher stance on gang members, with a plan that includes more than $30 million to combat the gangs’ turf wars, according the committee’s report.

A plan to curb the gangs by building a gang-free zone, which would have included all of the city but not just the east side, has been stalled since the previous council passed the legislation in February.

The plan was to include an 8-square-mile zone to protect residents from gang violence, but the council delayed it.

Instead, the committee wants the city to focus on reducing gang activity by focusing on the East Side, where the gangs have a presence.

The committee is also looking at ways to crack down on the drug trade and the drug market, the report said.

The group’s focus on the east is not a coincidence, the council’s report said, citing the city Department of Public Safety’s failure to implement a mandatory drug-testing program, as well as its failure to address the gangs on the west side.

The council’s new public health director, Lorna Egan, said the city is trying to get ahead of the epidemic, but added that more money would be needed.

The council is also asking the city manager to hire a new director of gang prevention, Egan said.

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