How to bike safely in Jerusalem

The most important rule for cycling in Jerusalem, Israel’s second-most-populated city, is to avoid getting on a bike while driving.

The rule also includes stopping when crossing the street, riding in a park, or using a public sidewalk.

For more than three decades, Israel has strictly enforced the rule, which has resulted in the death of more than 20 cyclists in the city every year, according to Israel’s Civil Administration.

The death toll is believed to be higher, since Israeli police and the Civil Administration are not required to track fatalities.

The Civil Administration is a state-run body that oversees all Israeli laws and regulations, including bicycle laws.

The Israel Police is responsible for enforcing the rules.

“We do not enforce the rules against pedestrians, but we can tell you that they have a clear policy to prevent pedestrians from riding in the street,” said Maj. General Benny Gantz, a spokesperson for the Civil Authority.

Gantz said that the rules prohibit cyclists from riding on the sidewalk or on a crosswalk, as well as on a public road.

“There is no right to use a bicycle on a private road, but there is a right to ride on a highway,” Gantz added.

“If a cyclist is on a bicycle, it is prohibited to ride at the side of the road or on the side that has a white line,” Gantz explained.

According to Gantz and others, this means that if a cyclist rides on the street or on an intersection, they cannot be counted on to cross the street.

In fact, it could result in an unnecessary crash.

“When a cyclist gets a call from a passerby, they are supposed to go to the nearest red light, not to the side,” Gants said.

“In most cases, if a person gets a red light and there is no one nearby to pull over, it’s not going to happen.”

The Israeli Civil Administration has also warned that a cyclist should not be using a bicycle in a crosswalks, and that it is illegal to drive a motorcycle without a helmet.

This means that drivers must also wear helmets, which can increase the risk of a crash.

The Israeli police has said that it has never had any cases of a cyclist getting on the wrong side of a road and killing someone.

In addition to these laws, Israeli cyclists are required to wear a helmet at all times, even when riding on a motorbike.

Israel’s Ministry of Transportation has issued an edict that cyclists must wear helmets at all traffic lights.

However, the ministry did not clarify exactly how cyclists must put on a helmet, and the ministry also stated that the police do not have the authority to issue permits to use bike lanes.

“It’s up to the motorcyclist to put his helmet on,” said Gantz.

“This is something that the motorcycling community has to work on,” he added.

Another rule is that a motorcyclists license must be renewed every two years.

However for the last two years, the number of renewals has not increased.

According the Civil Aviation Authority, the Israeli government has not yet issued a permit to a motorcylist to use his or her license to ride a motorcycle.

“Israel is a country where we have a lot of laws, and some of them are more lenient than others,” said Elisha Efrati, a driver and a spokesperson with the Jerusalem-based cycling advocacy group Bike Jerusalem.

“The law is not always the same, and I think that the more leniency the laws, the less safety they provide.”

Efratti said that he believes that Israel has a good safety record in general, but that the number and severity of accidents are often not as high as they could be.

“I would say that Israel is not a safe country,” he said.

Israeli cyclist Dalia Azzam, who lives in the northern part of the country, said that she is very cautious when it comes to riding her bike.

“One of the problems is that there are not enough roads,” she said.

In general, Israel is a relatively safe country, with relatively few serious accidents, she added.

Azzan, however, said she is not convinced that Israel’s laws are perfect.

“But for the safety of all, I think it’s a good idea,” she concluded.

Israel has an active bicycle program, called the “Youth Cycle Program,” which is funded by the Israeli Ministry of Culture.

The program is aimed at young people and their families, and it has several goals.

One of these is to promote bicycle use, and to provide support to cyclists who are having trouble with their skills and who are facing a lack of experience.

“Our goal is to give them the tools they need to get started, and give them a sense of confidence in themselves,” said Shimon Peres, a member of the Youth Cycle Program.

“Yours is a

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