Harley-Davidson bans motorcycle club from owning dealerships

The U.S. Motorcycle Association says Harley-Davidsons dealerships in the Pacific Northwest must stop selling motorcycle parts to motorcycle clubs and outlaw motorcycle clubs from owning them.

The decision was made Thursday by the association’s national board of directors, which voted 6-1.

The decision was not unanimous.

A spokeswoman for Harley- Davidson said the company opposes the move, but will continue to negotiate with the association to resolve the issues it has with its dealerships.

The association said it is committed to working with Harley-DAVIDSON on these issues.

In a statement, the association said, “We are disappointed that the Board of Directors of the American Motorcyclist’s Association has decided to take action against Harley-Danvers dealerships, and that we have not been able to resolve our concerns about their conduct with the American National Manufacturers and Harley-Davis.”

Our dealerships have a long history of working with manufacturers and providing products that have been the foundation of Harley- Danvers’ success, and our dealerships are in close contact with Harley dealers throughout the country.

“A number of other major motorcycle companies, including Harley-Paulson and Kawasaki, have also expressed their support for the decision.

In the meantime, motorcycle clubs have been able sell their own motorcycle parts.

But the National Motorcycle Dealers Association says that they are not allowed to sell parts to Harley- Davidson, so clubs have not found a way to do so.

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