Bizarre story of a $25,000 motorbike battery tender

A motorcyclist is suing the owner of a motorcycle battery tender because she believes the $25000 purchase was an illegal bargain.

The motorcycle auction house had advertised the tender as being for a Honda CBR500F and the owner, who did not want to be identified, said the motorcycle tender had been used in her motorcycle auction to raise $1.4 million.

“I was looking to buy my bike,” the woman said.

“It was a bike I had been looking at for a few years.”

A search of court records found no record of any auction in Queensland, but a court case has now been launched to get the motorcycle auctioneer and bidder, who are both women, to answer to the claims.

“We have been inundated with emails and phone calls from people concerned that they had purchased an illegal vehicle, and we are now seeking to find out the truth,” the complainant said.

The complainant, who is now a property manager, said she had been involved in motorcycle auctions for more than 20 years.

She said she was first contacted by a motorcyclists friend in 2006 who said she might have been offered a CBR 500F.

She told the complainant that she had no idea what the tender was worth at the time, but her friend offered to put her up in a flat, which she said she would never have considered.

“She said she wanted to buy a new bike for me and that I was an oddball and that it might be a bit of a gamble,” the complaint said.

Ms Burt said she contacted the auction house’s website and asked for information about the tender and the price of it.

“They told me it was worth about $25k, but I didn’t know anything about the bike, and I had never heard of it,” she said.

When Ms Bosters husband, Brian, was driving to work, the woman’s husband said she called the auction company and offered to buy the bike.

She was told she would need to pay an extra $20,000 to get a licence plate for the vehicle.

“He said ‘you have got to go to a bike auction’,” Ms Bert said.

It was the last time she spoke to her husband.

She and her husband did not have a fixed address at the auction and had not had contact with each other since she had moved to Australia in 2016.

The auctioneer said it was not the first time the tender had raised money for the business, which was based in Sydney.

“Our team was also asked to auction the car that belonged to my friend, but she died before we could get it,” the auctioneer, who had no previous involvement in motorcycle sales, said.

However, the auctioneers website did not list the vehicle’s owner.

“A lot of people have contacted us saying the tender is one of the best bike auctions in the state,” the website said.

In an email to the complainant, the Motorcycle Auctioneer and Broker Association (MACA) said the auction was a “good opportunity” for a person interested in buying a new motorcycle to do so.

The MACA said it could not comment on the complaint because it was still under investigation.

“There has been no breach of our codes of conduct,” the MACA’s chief executive officer, Tony Burt, said in a statement.

“If you are interested in this particular tender, we would urge you to contact our national manager and ask for more information.”

The complainant did not get a response from the MACO when contacted.

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