What to know about the NFL’s new helmet policy

By Matt L. WalkerThe NFL’s helmet policy is a step in the right direction for safety.

We’re just not sure we’re ready to go to the next level yet.

A lot of things need to happen to make the helmets safer, and they need to get done in a hurry.

The NFL will implement the rules for the 2017 season on Aug. 8.

The league is expected to announce the new rules on Monday.

The rules go into effect on Aug 12, the first day of the NFL season.

The rules will go into place when all 32 teams are set to play.

There will be a mandatory three-day period for the new helmet rule.

That means teams can start wearing helmets as soon as Aug. 11, three days after the NFL says teams will be able to wear them.

In the meantime, players, coaches and other players who wear helmets have to take extra precautions.

There will be no helmets allowed in stadiums that are designated as a locker room, practice facility or practice field.

Players will be allowed to use their own helmets, but they must keep their own personal protective equipment on and have an official NFL helmet at all times.

They can’t have a helmet in their car or on the way to a game.

A player wearing a helmet that is not a personal protective device must not block any part of the field or the ground, or attempt to do so.

A player who is in a helmet and then falls can be penalized for a hit.

The league will also begin requiring players to wear the helmet in the stands and in the locker room during certain drills.

The NFL will also be enforcing a rule that requires players to put their helmet on at the beginning of every offensive or defensive snap, and during each of their two snaps after a blocked field goal.

This rule is part of a rule change that allows players to be more active during the game, which has the potential to prevent collisions that can cause serious injuries.

It’s a good step, but we need to keep in mind it’s not the final word.

The last rule change for helmet use was enacted in 2000 and is not expected to take effect until 2018.

The new helmet rules are designed to make helmets more secure and protect players and the field, but some of the rules may still be controversial.

The changes will make helmets a little bit lighter.

They will be slightly wider and more comfortable.

They won’t be as heavy.

They’ll also require players to keep their helmets on.

There are no specific safety concerns for players, but players will be more cautious with their helmets.

A new rule will require helmets to be made from a material that is at least 10% heavier than the average helmet used in the NFL.

The new rule also will require players who are wearing helmets to wear a protective face shield, similar to a safety helmet.

There is no official rule on how the new rule would be enforced.

The goal is to make helmet safety safer.

But it is still unclear what the league’s next steps will be.

It is expected that players will have to wear helmets again in 2018.

There’s no timetable for that change, but it is expected there will be some time between now and then.

We’ll see how this all plays out and then we’ll know if it’s safe to wear helmet again.

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