‘Moto’ endorsement controversy prompts questions about Canada’s reputation for safe transportation

When you hear the word “moto” you may think of the Honda Accord, the Nissan LEAF, the Chevrolet Sonic or the Jeep Wrangler.

But when you hear it, you might also think of a new Canadian motorcycle brand called Husqvarna.

And that’s because a lot of its name is inspired by a motorcycle, according to a recent Globe and Mail article.

In fact, there’s a brand of motorcycles called Husky.

The Globe’s Robert Fife, who also wrote about the brand’s origins, notes that the brand has “somewhat of a history of being a bit of a throwback to the ’70s, when the brand was founded by a Swedish immigrant named Karl Lundquist.”

Lundquist, who died in 2012, had a strong influence on Husqvara.

He was a tireman, who started the brand after the company went bankrupt in 1979.

Lundquist also brought his own distinctive brand of riding equipment to the brand, and it is this unique blend of design and riding that sets Husqvarans apart from the pack.

“Karl Lundquist and his sons had this idea that a motorbike was a great vehicle for people who wanted to ride a bike, who wanted speed, who were good at keeping the bike in top shape,” says Husqvarrans founder, Karl Lundqvist.

“They wanted a product that would fit the requirements of that lifestyle.”

Husqvaru is a very different product than its Swedish sibling.

It’s built for speed, reliability and a more casual lifestyle.

The company says that its riders have an average mileage of more than 150 kilometres per day, which is better than the average of about 110 kilometres per week, or almost 60 kilometres a day.

It also boasts a fuel economy rating of nearly 23 kilometres per litre, which means the bike can travel a distance of up to 5.4 kilometres per hour, which makes it an ideal bike for commuting and for daily riding.

But the company is also making some changes.

According to the Globe, Husqvary has now launched a “premium” version of its bikes, which costs about $2,500.

This is the cheapest model and comes with a more comfortable seat, a leather saddle and a range of safety features.

“I think people can be a bit spoiled with the luxury bikes,” says Lundqvists vice-president, Lars Eriksson.

“We’ve got a lot more stuff than the regular bikes, like leather saddles and the kind of thing you might expect on a premium bike.”

Husky is also launching a line of premium motorcycles, and they come with some new features, like airbags and carbon fibre components.

For now, the company says it’s still working on pricing and availability.

But as for the brand itself, it’s looking to capitalize on the popularity of its motorcycles.

It says it is also looking at expanding the company into more areas, such as marketing, retail and sales.

“When I think of what’s going to come out of our brand, I think it’s going really well,” says Erikssson.

“That’s why I think we’re doing more of a focus on marketing and selling products that people want to buy, and that are high quality, like the motorcycles we’re offering now.”

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