How to buy a new motorcycle battery in Australia

The most common reasons for buying a new motorbike battery in Australian markets are that they are cheap, or the battery can be used in the next model.

But a new study from the University of Adelaide has found that the two are not necessarily linked.

Key points:The study found that a new, lower cost battery is less likely to be used as a replacement for a more expensive oneIn a survey of more than 300 Australian motorcyclists, 73 per cent of respondents said they had bought a new battery for their bikes because of its lower cost compared to a more powerful battery, the study foundMotorbike battery prices have dropped by over half since the beginning of the yearMotorbike batteries are one of the most commonly used battery types in the market, accounting for about 90 per cent (or 1.5 million) of the total market value.

While the price of a motorbike’s battery can vary widely, a low-priced battery is unlikely to be more than $20-$30 cheaper than a high-priced one, according to research published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The study, conducted by the University’s Department of Economics and Statistics, found that Australians are purchasing batteries in the lower price range, meaning the batteries used to power the bikes are more likely to have higher capacity.

“There is a clear trend from the start of the decade for motorcycle battery prices to increase,” Dr Nick Trewavas, an associate professor in the Department of Business and Economics at the University, said.

“In recent years, the prices of motorbike batteries have dropped in line with a decrease in demand for higher capacity motorbike-specific batteries, which in turn has contributed to the lower prices of these batteries.”

The research also found that battery prices are lower in some regions than others.

In regional Australia, the average price of battery for the top-selling bikes was $8.30 in the second quarter of this year, according a report by the Bureau of Meteorology.

The report found that prices were lower in regional Australia than elsewhere in the country, but not as much lower as they were in New South Wales and Queensland, where the average was $11.80.

But Dr Trewvas said there was evidence that the low prices in regional areas were the result of demand being met with less money being spent on batteries.

“The lower prices are driven by the fact that these markets are very heavily regulated by governments,” he said.

In Western Australia, where prices are higher, the lowest price per unit was $12.40 in the first quarter of 2018, compared to $11 in New Zealand, $11 per unit in South Australia and $13 in Victoria.

“While this might be due to government regulation, it also shows that there is a level of demand for batteries in these markets that is not being met by the market itself,” Dr Tredwin said.

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