Month: July 2020

One is one’ s own greatest healer

When you think about your own past, you will always be able to draw power from the “light” you have placed there.

Unfortunately, it becomes more difficult if you have done too many “negative” deeds. The shadow will follow one into the present-time.

The clumsy thing is, the “shadow” will simply forbid you to think about many things in your past. If you avoid facing these memories, it is like crossing out your own time.

The foundation of existence will start to crumble.


Maybe it doesn’t hurt,
to look at the world a little bit more cyclically.

Most processes consist of various cycles.
Just like life, which is also composed out of “many colours”.

Take time

When you take time for yourself, you are forced to think about things that you would otherwise cover up with activities. This could be better than running away from yourself.


A memory from the past can become a key that you can use in the future,

but only if you are willing to learn from your past.


Whoever proceeds too fast in life,

will always be exposed to the danger of stumbling over himself.


If you don’t enjoy life, you’ll blunt your feelings.