Day: July 6, 2020

Blurry future

As you learn to understand the path of your past, your understanding of where that path will take you in the future grows. If one does not think about it, the future remains blurred.

Hiding from life

If you move in the same circle for too long you will inevitably suffer from some kind of whiplash at some point. We humans are living beings who are inclined to experience new things. If we constantly expose ourselves to the same thing, we build our own little cage.

The magic of love

Love is able to heal, but unfortunately it doesn’t help if people just love each other. If humanity as a whole does not manage to develop a kind of “love” for nature, the “love” of humanity will wither away with time.

Limits don’t exist for fun

Those who like to cross limits, should not be surprised that they will leave many things behind them. You should always ask yourself, if it’s worth it.


Dreams are often constructs of the unattained.

They are, in fact, a driving force of reality.