Month: June 2020

Targeted path

You can only chase a target if you can recognize it.

Sometimes it just takes too long to understand what the target is.

Don’t joke with life

Life can put you in a waterway that destroys you,

the potential of people will always be set at a certain limit.

If you are too egocentric and exceed this limit, life will bring you to your knees.


You can only find satisfaction, if you search for it.

If fortune would always fall on one, life wouldn’t be fair.

Technologys power

Technology can bring both, progress and human regression.

How fire that warms you up, but also can burn you if you use it wrong.

Maze of Reality

When we humans want to change a situation, don’t we place the thought in another “imaginary reality”, to learn something about the effects, before the situation has even happened?

And mostly we don’t even think about it, it just happens subconsciously.

Timecheats & reality

You can create the right conditions for something, but this doesn’t mean that the reality is in the mood to implement the plan. Time can only be influenced to a certain extent. Without patience, life is definitely more difficult

Meaningless things

We humans often occupy ourselves with meaningless things,

because the meaning behind meaningful things is more difficult to think through.

We are lazy.